Doodle your way to more sales | Podcast Interview with Diane Bleck

This week I have the pleasure to introduce an amazing woman, Diane Bleck. She is the CEO and founder of The Doodle Institute. On this episode of the Style Queen Podcast we discussed the importance of using your gifts and pursuing your dreams with passion and determination. See below our conversation transcript or you can watch the interview. Enjoy.

CATHERINE STORING: Welcome to another episode of the Style Queen Podcast.

I met this amazing lady back in March at an amazing conference, and we had the pleasure of sitting next to each other,and as they say, the rest is history.

Invite your followers because this is going to transform the way they’re going to communicate their clients.

Let me tell you a little bit about this amazing woman, Diane Bleck. So, here she is.

She is on a mission to unlock insights, inspiration, and ideas for individuals and companies across the globe. In her highly acclaimed strategy sessions, participants can expect to be engaged in a rich collaborative process to procreate innovative strategies, transform teams, build dynamic workflows and deliver their ultimate business model. She coaches and understands the complexity of group dynamics to ensure successful outcomes for events, training, conferences, meetings, and webinars.

In a short period of time, she can take a team from blue-sky thinking to concrete creation. And that’s just like the tip of the iceberg of all the things that she can do. In plain terms, she takes whatever you’re talking; she takes your ideas, your problems, your issues; and she draws them out in an amazing way because she is an amazing doodler.

I just started calling you The Queen of Doodles.I don’t know if anybody calls you that, but I’m calling you The Queen of Doodles. Diane, welcome! Thank you so much for being with us today.

DIANE BLECK: Thank you so much for inviting me. Yes, I have been called The Queen of Doodles. I have a crown. I did a whole photoshoot. You would love this as a style queen. I did a whole photoshoot on a beach with a crown, and then I put out all these doodles on the sand. I always thought I was going to write that book one day.

CATHERINE STORING: Yeah, you should. You definitely should because that’s going tosell because that’s who you are. You are TheQueen of Doodles.

So, when we met back  in the beginning of March, we were sitting next to each other. Unfortunately, I didn’t know who you were. I had no idea. It’s funny because I’ve been on periscope for almost a year then and I just happened to miss your scopes every time. And then I saw you with an iPad. You were so creative, and I was like: “What is this lady doing?”

So, for those people that unfortunately don’t know who you are, tell us what it is that you do.

DIANE BLECK: So, my name is Diane Bleck,and I am a visual business strategist. I work with companies, large and small, and I help them see their ideas. What that looks like is I help them,not only brainstorm what are they talking about, but then I help them to visualize it so they can make concrete next step actions.

So, I worked with large pharmaceutical companies. I worked with technology companies. I attend huge conferences like WIRED conference or TEDMED or Smart Success and others, and I sit there with my iPad, my ThinkPad or my notepad as I’m drawing non-stop.

So,here’s one real quick doodle that I did with you, Catherine. I don’t know if you can see it. This is one of the examples from our conference. In a matter of an hour, I created a visual that summarizes the conversations.So many times, people are just talking, and they don’t know what they’re saying, so I create a solution you can see. I create a visual and then I instantly tweet it on social media for conferences, so it’s a way to keep your viewers engage in a conference that they can’t attend.

CATHERINE STORING: That’s awesome! That’s fantastic, and that’s exactly what you do. It looks effortless because you have mastered it now. You know what you’re doing. Were you always this creative? Were you always able to draw?

DIANE BLECK: I started out always coloring. I loved to color as a kid, and I loved living in a colorful world, and that’s why my studio and everything is filled with color. And I got a degree in theater, so I’m a theater major.

And then I went up working with Ernst and Young in my early twenties, and they were looking for artists to come in and visualize big ideas especially during the dot com when everything was very much in their head. They were trying to figure out how to show people what these venture capitalists are investing in.It was a great way to bring in someone like me.

I’ve been doing this for twenty years, and I’ve been traveling the globe.Being a professional doodler for dollars,I have an online institute called the Doodle Institute, where I train people in this methodology. And I just launched Innovation ThinkPad,which is my corporate training,going in with organizations and unlocking innovation with trainers, educators, and facilitators within organizations.

CATHERINE STORING:Awesome! It’s just crazy. So, you’ve always been creative. I’m not surprised that you are a theater major. Of course,you can create things and organize them in such a way.

When did you know that you can use this for business and entrepreneurs? When did you know that you can even share about what you do because I know you’re splendid with doodles too which is unbelievable. When did you know?

DIANE BLECK: So, I knew whenever I went to my Dad’s work in Ernst and Young, and I was working at the Goodman Theater at that time. I was an intern for them,and I went to this business environment where there were a hundred theater whiteboards. And my Dad was like: “Why don’t just listen to what we’re talking about and draw it?” So, I did that.

I sat there, and I took ideas,and I drew them, and my dad’s heart split up and he was like:“Oh my Gosh! You could actually support yourself. You could actually run a business.” And that was when I was twenty-three years old. So, I started with Ernst and Young for five years. So, that’s when I knew.

And then I instantly was part of their training. I would go to London, and I would train people there. I would go to Australia. I would go to Paris, and I would train other people there who are artists, illustrators, creatives and I would say: “You can use that creative talent in the business world and providing very valuable service. Not only are you a layman.You don’t understand the business language, but you bring not only that mind because it’s such valuable mind in the business world to ask those innocent, naïve questions because if I can understand it, then everyone can understand it.” And that’s huge value that you bring!

CATHERINE STORING: You just said so much there, but I love what you said. When you are a coach, when you are a business owner, you know what you’re doing. You’ve been doing it for a long time. You’re not in a place where you’re still learning, so when you explain it to people, you explain it from the place that you are now, which is so remote from where you used to be and where your client is now.

What you said is that you have to be able to explain what you do in such a simple way that when you leave that place and people are asked:“What did she say? What did she do?” they’re able to repeat it, maybe using word by word or get the gesture, get the idea and say it perfectly without saying: “I don’t know what she does. She said something weird; I have no idea.”

DIANE BLECK: Right! And that thing you need in a business meeting. If you’re in a business meeting, and you’ve spent the entire day,and you still don’t know what you talked about, then it wasn’t valuable getting together. But when you can wander into my drawings that I created over the two and three days of your event, you instantly remember the conversation, the decisions, the choices that you made and who you were sitting with.You remember the entire experience by adding this visual learning component.

CATHERINE STORING: Absolutely! Look what you did at Smart Success, which of course, we are huge fans of Chalene Johnson. She’s amazing!

There was so much content there and then for every session, which there were so many sessions, you had an amazing doodle that when you look at it, you didn’t have to be at the conference to realize: ‘that’s what they did.’And it’s very powerful!And I loved it, and Chalene loved it. And then you, guys, worked together, and you were just doing what you do and just turned into something bigger.


CATHERINE STORING: That is awesome!So, I’m sure that everything has been sailing smooth for you.You have figured everything out—not a single mistake. You’re super smart, and everything was like this—you started here, and you went like that. Is that what happened?


CATHERINE STORING: So, what happened when you had this idea and had this business since 23 years old, still growing up? How did you go from 23 to where you are now and how has the business and you’re idea of how you doodle changed?

DIANE BLECK: That’s a great, great question. I love it! So I started out five years, working with Ernst & Young and I was sitting there thinking:“This is too valuable. This is only being used for the top organization.”Visual learning and having someone there that document it applies to every industryeducation, legal, small start-ups and non-profits—they all have a story to tell.

I did a video for Zana Africa which was about young girls having access to sanitation pad. So, we did this short video doodle so that funders understood the story behind it.

I knew there was an application, so I got a studio in South Chicago. I was taking a huge bus right down, going down there every day and just starting this business and saying: “I’m going to doodle for dollars. I’m going to stand in the corner. I’m going to add value, and you’re gonna pay me to do this.”

And so,I went from one business connection to one business connection; I found great facilitators, and I became a partner with them, and I helped them visualize their strategies with their clients. And so, I built them one by one.

Then what happened was, now, people wanted me to doodle from places. They wanted me to go to Florida for this event; they wanted me to go somewhere else for another event, so I had to build a network. I had to grow a network. At one point, I had the largest network in the US and globally. I had over 20 people,and we were flying everywhere.

And guess what? It was everything I wanted,and it was way too much. I was dropping my kids at school before 6 am. I was picking them up after 6 pm and it was too much, so I had to scale back and continue to scale back to get to where I am now, which is I have my online institute, I have my training, but I have so much more time back and control over my schedule.

And so, that’s where my value changed.My value was in my time and raising my rates instead of pounding the pavement and giving everything away.

CATHERINE STORING: I just love what you said because I have a feeling that you are a little bit of an over-achiever. Maybe you are a little bit of an over-achiever. You get excited, and you are very passionate.You’re so excited that you just want tobe doing it 24/7.You love it so much that you can lose your balance. You can lose that balance in between life, meaning having alife and then having a business that’s successful.

And then I love that you learned. I think we learn at different levels. As we grow, we lose ourselves again and then we find it again. You are so vulnerable when you shared that, and I thought that was so powerful because, unfortunately, this ‘having it all at the same time’ has taken a negative connotation. Just because we can doesn’t mean that we should.

DIANE BLECK: Yes! And if you don’t take the time to find balance, you will smash into that wall and slide down. And that’s what just happened to me recently. There was all this stuff going on in my personal life, and I was still trying to have it all together on the outside world, and I finally had to marry both of them and say:“I’m cool. I have to go off the social media. I have to go small. I have to go into an ebb—which I don’t like ebbs; I live in slow—and make new decisions.

And so,right now, I’m in bringing _ class from Smart Success. And I got up this morning, and I did 10 minutes of stretching; I did 20 minutes of meditation; I did 10 minutes of planning.And I’m doing his 5X50 formula, and it’s amazing because it’s helping me understand that,like you said, just because I can do everything, that doesn’t mean I have to do everything.

I have produced a hundred and ten training videos, written 12 books, all in last two years. If you want to see someone who produces, I produce like nobody’s business because my creative part is so ignited. I feel my creative well everyday, and it serves me every day. And if I don’t do that, then I get out of balance. And then what happened was, there was a lot of this family personal stuff that needed my attention, and I had to do family first.

CATHERINE STORING: You have to. I just love that you have to prioritize. I am very similar, and I have done so much. Chalene said, “You have to stop everything.” That’s so hard when you are such a workaholic and you have such a passion for it.And let me tell you that I observed what she said in so many different areas,like spending time with your family because the kids leave.

My daughter is 12 years old,and she will leave very soon. So I heard that so loud and clear and I dropped everything for the whole month of March when I get everything she said. And I scaled back. The number of ideas that I got because I started taking days off was unbelievable.

I’m sleeping now 7.5 -9.5 hours at night, consistently. I’m going to bed way earlier. I’m getting up at 5:30 in the morning. I don’t snooze. I don’t know why this grabbed me so much, but she said,“The snooze button is the devil” or something like that. And I just took it to heart because it lies. It tells you that just five more minutes is going to do it when in reality, it’s not.

So, that’s part of understanding yourself and your body and understanding the business will be okay.

DIANE BLECK: Yeah! I’m taking the summer off. I’ll do an event June 9th, and then I’m doing three workshops on Innovation ThinkPad,and that’s it for this summer. I’m going to enjoy my three children.And it’s so funny because someone was like: “You are the president of the company. You can do whatever you want.” And I was like: “Oh! You’re right. I can do whatever I want.”

CATHERINE STORING: You get to. You get to do whatever you want.

DIANE BLECK: I forget. And it is amazing how you just have to keep recalibrating. Otherwise, the world is going to recalibrate for you because you can’t keep doing it.

CATHERINE STORING: You can, and there is no shame in saying: “I took on too much.” It’s okay to say: “I said YES to this. However, I have to take it back.” I learned so much about that because before, I’m like: “I’m a woman of my word. I promised I would do this” and now, it’s like:“I meant it when I said it but in reality, I can’t, so I cannot do that.”

DIANE BLECK: We’ve all earned the right to put in a pause because I’m one of those other people where it’s ‘I do all or nothing’.So, I forget that I can just step back.

CATHERINE STORING:Yeah! Absolutely! So, you have a Doodle Institute, you have 12 books, you are amazing, you’re travelling the world, you have this amazing resource like an amazing skill. Why are you sharing that with everyone? Because you can just keep this secret to yourself and not share it, so why are you sharing that with us?

DIANE BLECK: Here’s the thing I tell you once: When you put pen to paper, you open your heart channel for ideas, insights, and inspirations to listen to the magic language of the universe. When you put pen to paper, you enter the creative world.And so many of us got told: “Don’t doodle. Don’t draw.”What we got told is: “Don’t go into the creative world” and when you go into the creative world, you will hear your purpose, you will hear your mission, you will hear your story, you will hear the work that God wants you to do.

And my voice has always told me: “Share this message with the world” because if I get you to put pen to paper, I’m not asking you to connect with me.I’m asking you to connect with your higher creativity and your higher self so that you go and play in the magic of the creative world and hear what your heart is supposed to guide you on.And I can’t keep that to myself.

CATHERINE STORING: Exactly! I told you last night I only interview people that I like, and I know are doing awesome things. It’s my show. I get to invite whoever I want. We connected so well at the conference because of this. I was my first client. This is exactly why I do what I do.

I could just say: “I’m gonna look all kinds of fine all by myself. I’m not going to share how people can look good. I’m not going to tell them where to shop, how to put it together. I’m not gonna tell them that their confidence can be higher so that they can step out and do amazing things.”I could just keep that to myself, but I can’t because the whole reason why I have this gift is for other people.And the more you give, the more you use your gift, the better you get at it.

DIANE BLECK: Yeah! My word of the year is generosity, and I have given away so much stuff this year because I know I have to. And then I want to insert one quick question I saw: How do you work with entrepreneurs?

Right now, I’m working with one of the entrepreneur incubators in Chicago,and so, they have hundreds of companies that they are incubating other tech ideas. And one simple thing that I’m doing right now is I’m going, and I’m asking each of them,“Tell me about your job for 10 minutes” and then on a glass outside their office, I’m doing a doodle of what their job is.

So, like one company is building a new interface for sales forces and they’re showing this pipeline of activity that’s going into the screen so every sales person can see what the other people within the organization are doing—from billing, from invoicing, from troubleshooting. And so, I did a simple little visual for them so now, anyone who asks them about their company, they have a visual that says, “Here is what we’re doing.”

So with entrepreneurs and businesses, I help build infographics; I help build story maps; I help do patient journeys, customer avatars because the more specific you are about your customers, the more your product will talk to the audience.And then I build the sales tools so that when you’re talking to a client, you have a visual that guides you through the process.

So, let’s say that you sell cloud storage. You can draw a building; you draw a little cloud above it. You can say: “This is where our files go; this is where our resources go; this is where this goes.” And you can see what I’m doing.Even without me drawing, you’re following. You don’t have to be an awesome doodler.

If I draw something and someone says, “What is that?” and one person sees a cat, and one person sees a horse, and one person sees a giraffe, you can label it and say “Oh, this is a giraffe.” Everyone goes along with you.It doesn’t have to be beautiful. You’re getting the idea out; not the art. I’m not asking you to be artists; I’m asking you to get your ideas out.

CATHERINE STORING: Yeah! It is like how you draw me on periscope, three or four weeks ago that I jumped on. You remember back in March when I told you that I do and within minutes, you explained to the audience exactly what I do. I’m like: “Yeah, what she said is exactly what I do.”And everyone got it.

DIANE BLECK: Yeah! So, this is a sketch of someone’s three-page letter of everything that they do in their organization, and I’m posting this on a 4ft wide column in their office so that as people come through their organization, they can wander upon the drawing and have natural visuals to the conversation. And that’s the power of having a visual!The visual should allow your conversation to expand and contract.It does not have to be super specific. It just has to be overall.

CATHERINE STORING: That’s awesome! I love it because it’s clear. It’s so clear.We go into the abstract. Well, I help people to feel better. Well, anybody else could do that, but how and why do I care? We have to go into the: “Why do I care?How does that change my life? How does that make my life better if I share with you what I do?

So, you work with entrepreneurs, you work with corporate America, you travel, you are a mother, you’re a wife. You’re doing it all. What do you enjoy the most? You said it beautifully that you go into the creative, and you do it every single day, you into that space every day. When you’re there when you are in that place when you are in your element,what happens to you inside? What opens up? Let us learn a few words about what happens in your mind when you’re in there?

DIANE BLECK: Well, I think what happens is,like I do all these things, but the thing that I love the most and the thing I did this morning and I think you might want to watch it in my scope this Friday.The thing that people don’t know that I do about that I’m sharing is like get this idea from these prayer quilts. I make these sacred prayer quilts that people use in their morning meditations.

I love all these expensive things, and I love them pouring into my family, but I also have sacred practices that are mine, that are my rituals and routines that keep me going. So I guess, by going in and out of that creative world, I still get called to make objects that will last longer than me. Does that make sense?

My drawings will be disposed of. My books might last past my lifetime, but my quilts like all quilts will last generations. And to give someone a sacred object of a prayer quilt and have that last through my grandchildren, that’s what’s powerful to me or last through other generations because I don’t want to just affect who’s here now. I want to be left behind for generations and my handwork.

CATHERINE STORING: That’s beautiful. That is beautiful. And I love what you said. You’re a CEO. You are a founder of an amazing company. You have 12 books. You have a husband, you have kids, but you’re still Diane. You’re still a person. When you were born, you were not all those things. You were just a crybaby that your mom and dad loved and that was it. So, you’re still that person.

And I think, as women, sometimes we forget to be an individual. And that doesn’t negate all your other hats. We have so many hats that we wear because we are multi-talented, and we can do all these amazing things, but when you stay in touch with that person inside of you—that’s still a person that needs to breathe and needs fulfillment. You can get yourself without having to get somebody else, just you. “What do I love?” Because when we do that, we become better partners.

We become better people when we can enter into our little space and do something that we enjoy, all by ourselves. It’s like playing on the sand by yourself,and then you’re back and play with others, but remembering to make time for the little things, to make time for you.

Your prayer quilts are amazing. I haven’t even heard of that.

Just don’t lose yourself in your business. You are not your business.We are not businesses. We are individuals. We’re still women; we’re still people.

DIANE BLECK: And I think that that is one of the things I’m still wrestling with. It’s my business. I still run with a lot of emotion,and I know that I shouldn’t and I know that the business would tell me not but can’t help it, like if the client steps on my toes, I will take my markers and go. I still am sensitive.

As much as I’m expensive and as much as I love to give to my clients, there’s also this: “if you don’t understand why I do…” because can you imagine, I have to stand in front of major leaders of organizations.

Regarding styling and having the right look and feel, you have to show up and be confident and comfortable in who you are or the client will eat you alive as the artist. And so, there are times where I’m not aright fit for the client,and I have no problem with picking my markers and going away because there some clients that don’t understand us. They can get very belittling, and they can get just like: “I don’t understand who you are. Why would someone pay for this?” They can send some serious messaging.

And then you have this next client who’s like: “You are the most amazing person on earth” and they like googled me and researched me and like: “I know you got this, this, and this.” It’s not that I just want to work with people who think I’m awesome.But you have to go with the flow of that client and no matter where you are and no matter how far you’re getting your company. You will still get clients where you’re like:“I trust now energetically that it is not a good fit for me with this client”, and I need to take my markers and go.

And I’m learning how to do it more professionally, but it’s still hard.There’s still a part of me that’s like:“I’m just a girl with my doodles, and I hope that you like me.” And sometimes, they don’t like you, and that’s still something that I think you will always learn throughout businesses.

CATHERINE STORING: Absolutely! The thing is that people lie. People told us, in corporate America especially, that you cannot be emotional. Well, if you’re going to take emotion out of human beings, then, we’re not human beings anymore. We get to be emotional because I don’t want to be with someone, I don’t want to be friends with someone that doesn’t have emotion.Emotion lets other people know that you are human, that you are there, that you are paying attention.

And you have to let people know what’s okay and what’s not okay. And I love what you said: You take your markers,and you go; you pick up your ball, and you go. So it’s okay to say: “We don’t have to do this.” I love the fact that you said that because now, I only work with people that connect, that we connect with.

That’s something that Chalene also said at the conference:“I only work with people that are open and able to receive what I do.”When she said that, it was engraved in my mind because why would I waste my time working with someone that’s like throwing pearls to the swine. If you get it, we’re good. If you don’t get it, that’s good, but I’m not going to waste my time.

DIANE BLECK: And I’m not exaggerating. I walked away from my $120,000 contract, and the contract had gone through several stages of the venture process, which if you work with large companies, it’s a pain in the butt. And I pulled it.

It’s like I am doing creativity on your behalf. I am entering the creative zone, creative realm on your behalf and I'm not going to do this just for money.If it’s not the right energetic fit, I can’t go into the creative realm and pull it out for you.And I did it, and my husband was totally supporting me like: “I support you for walking away from that.” It’s so easy to think it’s got to be the dollars, but it’s not. It’s more than that for me.

CATHERINE STORING: It will be the most expensive job you would have ever done. I’m creative in a different way, but if I’m upset, my creativity goes out the window, so I protect that. I don’t know about you, but I protect my space so much. This, right here, is my private property, and not everyone is allowed on my private property. And if I feel that you’re not respecting me, then I’m gonna say “You need to leave my private property” because I get to say who stays in here, who affects and who doesn’t affect me.

I love that you’re saying that because you’re empowering so many people to realize:‘You started your own business because you wanted to be your boss. You wanted to help people,and you can do that and have fun. You can do that and be your authentic self.’

DIANE BLECK: And I always tell myself when I close one of those opportunities, it’s because there’s something else I suppose to be available for because it’s so true. Every time I let go of one thing, the next thing appears that I’m supposed to be working on.Even though it feels like: “Oh my gosh! It’s scary to let this thing go,” something else emerges or appears.

And even as we went through these things behind the scene with my family, if I had this one contract in place, I would not have been able to be there as I was. So, everything happens for a reason.

And one of my right-hand people who supports me always tells me, “Diane, everything is perfect at this moment.” Everything is perfect at this moment.

CATHERINE STORING: I love that! You are exactly where you need to be. And you can be there miserable,or you can be there happy. You’re going to be there anyway, you might as well be happy. That’s my motto in life. I’m gonna be happy even if I’m in the hospital with a broken leg because I’m gonna say: “Maybe, I’ll meet someone amazing here. Who knows?” And that happens every single time. That’s my eye to about everything. Everything is going to be okay.

So we talked about how you help people. Why should every single person that helps people be doodling?

DIANE BLECK: Okay, why you should be doodling?

One, you’re doodling for your individual self. Every time you put pen to paper, you’re opening your heart channel. Two, you’re doodling to capture your ideas and insight into your heart.And three, you’re doodling to connect with another person because when you draw with a second person, you are making powerful connections.

So, whether I’m drawing with a 4-year old child or I’m drawing with my grandfather, or I’m drawing with a top executive leader, I’m making that connection. So, there're three different ways. I’m connecting with myself, I’m connecting with my person, I’m connecting with another person.That is why you should doodle every single day.

CATHERINE STORING: There're some people watching right now or listening and saying, “Yeah, that’s easy for you to say, Diane. You’re so talented and awesome. You’ve been doing that since you were in your mother’s womb.” Is that true? Is doodling only for people that are gifted and creative like a selected number of people or can everyone doodle?

DIANE BLECK: I believe everyone can doodle, andI created here a flip of my new book. I’ve created little books that are filled with drawings and icons. I’ll break it down for you. So, using my book, I believe you can do simple shapes—circle, square, triangle, oval. It goes on and on—stars, flowers, hearts, rainbow. You start to put those together,and I’ll show you an example of one.

So, look! If we take a circle, we can turn that circle into a clock, into a magnifying glass; we can turn that circle into a hot air balloon. Using simple shapes, you break down everything around you in the world. I purposely draw it very simple and very childlike because I want you to feel like you can draw what I just drew. And I want you to see that using simple shapes and the most powerful tool—an arrow, a directional device—you can create all kinds of maps and stories. And it doesn’t have to be perfect. It’s simple.

And that’s why my online institute has five classes scheduled: Basics—you can doodle building your vocabulary of what you want to draw; electronic doodles—how do you draw on your iPad, your phone, your tablet; spiritual doodles—how do you protect that sacred space? No one is teaching this, the sacred doodle space; and then, the business doodles—how do I make money doodling?

You can take your simple doodle and make a coffee mug. You can make the simplest doodle and design a T-shirt, you can design a notepad, you can design your book, illustrate your book, you can create infographics, you can create posters. It’s endless what you can do!

And if you charge $25 and hour, which a basic graphic designer charges, you can make money at this. I charge $250 and hour right now for my time with my clients. And so, people are like: “Really? You get paid $250 an hour to doodle?”and it’s like “Yes, I do.”

CATHERINE STORING: I’m very excited, Diane. So where can people find you? Where can they doodle with you? Because I have to start again. I started doing your doodle challenge,and life got crazy, and I allowed life to get crazy, so I have to doodle again, but where can they hang out with you?

DIANE BLECK: So you can hang out with me on the periscope. I do lots of fun. Periscope is wide open. You can hang out with me on Facebook live. I do short 5-minute lessons on the Doodle Institute on Facebook. You connect with on the I have a free class scheduled—‘Basics’. I have all the way up to five programs you can take. Or if you’re a corporation, you can connect through innovation thinkpad which is my corporate training. There're so many ways to connect. And Instagram, I’m all over Instagram.

CATHERINE STORING: So what would you tell the entrepreneur that says, “Diane, that sounds good, but you don’t know me. I cannot draw even with a pencil or a circle;I just can’t draw.” What would you tell them about their business? Your business is exploding by doing what you love, and you’re showcasing how you help other people. What would you tell them to people that are thinking “That’s not for me.”?

DIANE BLECK: I would tell them that this is a skill set like any other skill for your toolkit. For you to be even able to check and scratch out your business model with a potential investor or client, it’s powerful. I’ve been on retainer for companies to just be a part of their sales calls and at the end of the sales call, I deliver a doodle and then, that client at the end of the sales call goes:“Oh, I was heard. This person totally gets me” and so, then they purchase.

I was on retainer for a client for $6,000 a month to just attend their sales calls because their sales call’s converted just because I was on the call.So, if you want to convert your clients, make a visual because they will see the value you can bring and your sales will go up. I was on retainers, $6,000 a month to just attend sales calls. It’s so powerful what it does.

CATHERINE STORING: It’s just mind-blowing. Oh my gosh, Diane. I can talk to you forever because your content is very amazing.You are so amazing!

I want everyone to watch this podcast episode because we talked about so many different things, not only about what you do but also how you do it. So many people see your success, and they assume that everything has been smooth, that you don’t have issues, that you don’t struggle, that you’re not a real person, but you have real struggles.

People get sick. You get tired. Kids get sick. Life happens.That just means that you readjust.Take the time to rest like you did, like I do, and say: “My health is more important.My family is more important.I’m more important.”

And because you’re going to be more rested, happier and more balanced, when you do go back to your business, you’re going to be unstoppable. You’re gonna have so many ideas, and you’re gonna be happy to say:“I miss you, guys” and you get to work again with a renewed passion for what you do.

DIANE BLECK: And I love what you’re doing, and I love all your podcasts or blabs. I was watching them all last night. You’re doing such incredible work in your journey and your life. And you’re going to have to have me on sometimes to hear the story of how I married my husband six weeks after I met him.

CATHERINE STORING: Wow! We’re going to talk about that. Probably before you get on vacation, I’ll get you, and we’ll record it.

It has been a pleasure talking to you. I so appreciate what you do. I know that you’re doing something awesome for my audience: Diane has donated her a amazing Sketchbook Basics Course. How amazing is that? Click HERE to claim your FREE membership. I will let them know on the podcast, but it’s going to be awesome. You’re sharing one of your amazing products. It’s going to be unbelievable. Here is the link again: 

Thank you so much for your time. I know you’re so busy, but you made the time to talk to us today and share your passion—why you do it, how you do it. Do you want to give us one final thought about anything—what you’re working on, what you want people to remember you by?

DIANE BLECK: I think one last thing is just to remember that you can doodle your dreams.When you put them on paper, you’re bringing them closer to the physical world, and that’s why you draw them, and you use them as vision boards and things like that, but you can doodle your dreams!You can make them happen.

CATHERINE STORING: You heard her say, you can doodle your dreams, and I believe that a hundred and ten percent. As the Style Queen, I believe that we can do whatever we set out mind to do, and we can look all kinds of fine while we do it.Please check out Diane at the, share the podcast with everyone that you know. This can encourage someone.Someone is gonna hear this and say: “Oh, well, I need to be kinder to myself. I can take a break, and I can doodle and have fun every single day.”

Thank you for watching, guys. Thank you, Diane.See you very soon because we’ll talk about that amazing husband of yours. Guys, stay in touch and remember that: you were created to do amazing things and look all kinds of fine while you do it.