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Why do I Work with Godly Women?

Godly WomanIt is important to look good on the outside, but it’s also just as  important to take care of the inside …what we believe; who we believe in and what we do about those beliefs. I knew I had to put those two things together: dressing both the outside and inside. There are so many Godly women that don’t know how to dress like an attractive Godly woman and a successful business woman. It is possible to do both. But more importantly, women need to know who they are, deal with their past hurts and disappointments and also examine and revel in their relationship with God. In other words, they need to find their purpose and then find the courage to pursue such calling.
After years of not knowing how to dress myself in ways that complimented my body, I came into my own and figured out how to properly dress my body. I gained the confidence I needed to own my look and be happy with my body, my hair and love of bright colors. Today I love working with women who, like my younger self, feel uncomfortable in their own skin; women who are successful at work or their own business, but still don’t know how to dress like Godly women. Women who need to work on – and deal with – all the misconceptions about being a Christian.

Why Should You Work with Me?

Do you think worrying about what to wear is frivolous and all that matters are your qualifications to get the job done or be successful in your business or life?
I could not disagree more! My favorite bible passage is Jeremiah 29:11:

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”.

We were created by God to live full, happy lives. If you are not comfortable in your own skin, if not knowing how to dress is holding you back from fulfilling your goals, dreams and purpose, then you have no choice but to deal with those issues in order to have a full life and fulfill your purpose, whatever that might be.
You might want to feed the hungry, open a non-profit organization to help battered women, bring awareness to poverty in the U.S. Whatever it might be, you have to present your confident, smart and go-getter self to the world in order to get noticed and advance your good cause. Once you can stand tall in front of a crowd, deliver a compelling speech without tugging or worrying about your clothes, and  present the very best version of yourself you’ll look back and ask yourself: why did I not do this sooner?!
Do yourself a favor and quit trying to do it all on your own, you don’t have to. Yes, women are great at multitasking and getting things done. But too many times we think that means doing it all alone.

You don’t have to figure it all out by yourself.

I used to be in your shoes and I understand your pain! Let me show you, gently and lovingly, how to define your Personal Style learn how to deal with the issues that have been holding you back until now.
I LOVE to work with beautiful Godly women, and see their confidence restored and SOAR! It’s a thrill to help them better define their style and then teach them what to buy and how to put it together. And even more importantly, to help them remove the obstacles holding them back and see them succeed beyond their wildest dreams!
Somehow, I know my awkward, younger self would be proud.

Are you are trying to take your business to the next level, but do not know how to dress for it?

I can help.

Do you want to update your style, but are afraid of incorporating color or the latest trends? 

I can help.

Are your closets overflowing with tons of clothes, but you have no idea how to put them together?

I can help.

Here’s some GREAT news … you do NOT have to be uncomfortable or wear things that do not reflect the real you in order to look good – or be successful – in the office! It is possible to be well put together and taken seriously while still in your comfort zone and style. I’ll listen to your needs, work within your budget and give YOU the tools to dress for SUCCESS.

EVERY woman is beautiful, and deserves to look her best.

Who Are My Clients?

I work with successful Godly women just like you. Women who have achieved high success, they have studied and worked hard to be where they are and want guidance to define their Personal Style and learn how to dress for success.
I guide Godly women through a process of self-discovery and self-healing (healing means to make whole and accept all parts of one’s self). I have worked with both women – and men – who are:


  • Entrepreneurial Godly Women (along with a few brave men): Business owners earning Six figures and above
  • Corporate Godly Women: Executive Women looking to make a lateral or corner office move while also looking for a Godly man.


What Separates My Services From Other Style or Image Coaches?

What makes me different from other style/image coaches?

No Style Identity – 1998

I myself used to have self-image issues. I did not know how to dress for my body type; I did not even know what my Personal Style was! I still remember what it was like to feel uncomfortable in my own skin. I I can empathize with YOU as you  struggle with the same issues I used to struggle with.
I provide a safe space for us to begin to identify and address your personal traumas and issues and move forward.  I too was a Christian woman who, by the grace of God, became a Godly woman, following and living my purpose. I know you want that too!
Let me help you by sharing my own learned shortcuts and Godly gifts. Realize and become the Godly woman you were born to be!

What Kind of Women do You Work Best with and What will be Expected of Me?

My programs were created for women who are seriously ready to discover their Personal Style. Women who no longer want to hide behind ill fitting, dull clothes but instead are ready to THRIVE and become the Godly Woman they were created to be!
I am an action-driven, no-nonsense kind of woman  as my family and friends know! – I work well with women that are ready to shine,  action-driven and no-nonsense. With love, empathy and a lot of humor, we’ll journey towards the best possible YOU!
The people that work with me are expected to take this process seriously and work with me through a self-discovery and self-love process. If you are willing and eager to discover – and implement – your own Personal Style and live your life on purpose, you’re my ideal client!

Who is Not an Ideal Client?

I do not work well with people that are not serious about their personal growth, unmotivated individuals who require dragging or pushing,  or those who have the “half-empty glass” kind of mentality. People who are constantly late, make excuses for not getting their work done or who feel the world is out to “get them” will probably not benefit from my coaching. I am very selective when it comes to choosing my clients; I love my business and focus on spending  my time working with like-minded people.

What Type of Services and Programs do You Offer?

I have three private coaching packages:


  • The Silver Style Package: Learn more HERE
  • The Gold Style Package: Learn more HERE  &
  • The Diamond Style Package: Learn more HERE


These coaching packages range from three to six months in length. Each program is designed to help you:


  • Define your Personal Style;
  • Teach you how and where to shop; and most importantly,
  • Show you to recognize and eliminate the old patterns, habits and behaviors that have kept you from presenting yourself wholly and fully to the world as a Godly woman.

Have these Programs Worked for Other People?

Yes they have! But don’t take my word for it, read the testimonials from my satisfied clients here:

I had a new job where looking professional was very important. Until then I’d been working in an environment where jeans were fine.
Catherine rearranged my closet so that I choose tops from two areas for example a blouse and a blazer, or a shell and a cardigan. Before I had my clothes arranged by color. It helps get me out the door faster in the morning.
I love all my new Blazers!  I were a blazer we bought together almost every day. I love the sleek look a jacket provides.
I think Catherine meets you where you are in terms of comfort level with throwing things out, and trying new styles.
Mary K.

I was having issues dressing my body type after having children and not being successful dropping the weight.  I kept slacking on investing in a wardrobe because I was “waiting until I lost the weight”.  I also had challenges moving away from the basic blacks and greys that I was using in my work wardrobe – I had no problem embracing color casually.
After working with Catherine I have much more confidence trusting my judgment in putting outfits together.
My closet is still organized as you suggested and I’ve been really experimenting with my looks!  I’m very excited….BEST money I ever spent!
                                                                                                                                                                                                                Sheri B.

What Results can I Expect?

Each client experiences their own special results based on their own personal struggles, challenges, needs and goals. The types of results my clients have realized include (but are not limited to) the following:


  • Look amazing business-woman500
  • Feel amazing
  • Live Amazing
  • Enjoy restored confidence
  • Stand taller and smile openly
  • Accept and love yourself as you are
  • Remove old fears and limiting behaviors
  • Shine your inner light for the whole world to see Enjoy a closet that showcases your body and style
  • Claim the boldness to achieve true success and go after your dreams

How Quickly can I Expect Results?

My clients see amazing results from our first session – “The Closet Rehab!” They learn how to let go of years of negative history and baggage and make the  physical and emotional space for new and better-fitting clothes that fit not only their body, but their lifestyle.
The longer we work together, the greater and more long-term your results will be. If you stop at the Closet Rehab stage, you would certainly realize huge benefits. However you would not fully learn why you buy and wear the clothes you do. When you sign up for the long-term program (name of program?), you will learn the reasons why you hid behind the wrong clothes, and how to accept and love yourself as you are.

Library talk 3I know I Want to Work with You … What are My Options?

First of all, congratulations on deciding to put yourself first, I am very excited and eager to work with you!
Let’s start with the FREE “let’s get acquainted” call; we can get better acquainted and discuss the areas you would like to improve.

Awesome, how do we get started?
Fabulous! One of the traits of a successful person is confidence, and the work we are about to embark on will restore your confidence, organize your closet, and help you accept and love yourself.

To get started, click HERE to schedule your FREE call with me so we can discuss any remaining questions you may have and the next steps.

I cannot wait to get in your closet and get started on this amazing journey of self-discovery and confidence building with you!