Your Style talks behind your back…

…and unless you’re ready to listen, you could be missing out on amazing opportunities!

Accessorizing can be your worst enemy or your best friend. If you over-accessorize and look a bit funny or if you are scared of accessories and usually go for just a watch – you need to step in to move up a gear.

Have a special event coming up and have nothing to wear? Need a dress perfect for the occasion but more importantly perfect for your body shape? Need to get it done from the comfort of your own home of office? Then the Virtual Styling Package is for you.

Now you can get your copy of Styling Faith: The Complete Style Guide signed by the author Catherine Storing. During checkout You will be able to tell us who what to write and to whom it should be dedicated to.



I absolutely loved Catherine’s tutorial!  It was so detailed and easy-to-follow.  She really made me feel confident that I can step up my accessory game!  I love Catherine’s energy and she always goes over and beyond with all her products and services.  I’m looking forward to the next tutorial!  Thanks Catherine!

Tikoshia Davis

Before watching Catherine’s video series I was a ‘watch and earrings’ kind of girl.  Three basic pairs of earrings and two watches one gold and one silver.  However, after wathching her videos I discovered I only had the timepiece part down.  I have stepped up my game in the accessory world.  My kids are even surprised.  Catherine has helped me to get over my accessory fear.  Thank you Catherine!!!

Selethia Middleton

Hey Catherine, I saw the videos, you really did a great job and the information you provided was helpful!  I’m definitely going to add your tips into my routine.  Thanks!

Kelli Riley



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