Speak Like a Godly Woman

I want you to speak like a godly woman. I am talking about self about yourself. You probably have things less than perfect in the past. I know that I have and continue to do. Are you torturing yourself for things that you allow to happen in the past for mistakes that you do yourself.

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Walk Like a Godly Woman

How does a godly woman walk? And I wanted to talking about literally walking with the lord. Are you spending a quite time with God?

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Dress Like a Godly Woman

Are you ready for love? I think you are. I know you are looking for just godly man and love that come from a man that can understand you and knows the value and knows how amazing you are.

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A model to discovering, accepting and attaining your purpose. Is the mastering your vision for you?  Are you a woman of faith who is tired of doing work that is neither satisfying nor kingdom-edifying?  Are you overwhelmed just thinking about all the steps required to begin living and fulfilling your vision?  Are you feeling your vision tugging at your skirt harder than ever?.

Do you have THAT idea that will change the world, but nobody seems to acknowledge it? Don’t give up on your dream! Seven Keys to Stepping Into Your Calling is a book that will help you recognize and pursue the path that God planned for you.