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A few of our most valued clients…who are celebrities in their industries

Here’s What Our Clients Say

“Catherine saved my image. I am a work-at-home and homeschool mom. So, I rarely get out anymore. I wanted to look good even if I was running errands. You never know who you are going to run into . . .a potential client, an old friend or Mr. Right. I want to be ready for the unknown and the unexpected. Catherine’s tutorials are truly AMAZING!”

Denise Marie Filmore

I’ve never considered myself to be the fashionista type. I struggle to put outfits together unless I already see a complete look that I like on a mannequin. But, if I have to piece something together myself I have a hard time. The same goes for accessories. So, I was really excited to check out Catherine’s video tutorials. She definitely takes the worry out of choosing appropriate accessories and even made it FUN for me. The whole process has gone form dauntless to something I enjoy. Thanks Catherine!

Ramona Pierson-Remesat

Before watching Catherine’s video series I was a ‘watch and earrings’ kind of girl.  Three basic pairs of earrings and two watches one gold and one silver.  However, after wathching her videos I discovered I only had the timepiece part down.  I have stepped up my game in the accessory world.  My kids are even surprised.  Catherine has helped me to get over my accessory fear.  Thank you Catherine!!!

Selethia Middleton

Hey Catherine, I saw the videos, you really did a great job and the information you provided was helpful!  I’m definitely going to add your tips into my routine.  Thanks!”

Kelli Riley

I was having issues dressing my body type after having children and not being successful dropping the weight. I kept slacking on investing in a wardrobe because I was “waiting until I lost the weight”. I also had challenges moving away from the basic blacks and greys that I was using in my work wardrobe – I had no problem embracing color casually.

After working with Catherine I have much more confidence trusting my judgment in putting outfits together. I plan to follow Catherine’s tips as if they were bible scripture!!!! My closet still looks as organized as she left it!!

I recommend a Closet Rehab and shopping spree to anyone looking to transform their look and style.

Sheri Bouchie

It’s been a pleasure working with you!

One of my struggles before working working was that I had a new job where looking professional was very important. Until then I’d been working in an environment where jeans were fine.

One of the tangible benefits of working with Catherine is that she rearranged my closet so that I choose tops from two areas for example a blouse and a blazer, or a shell and a cardigan. Before I had my clothes arranged by color. It helps get me out the door faster in the morning.

One of my plans going forward is to wear blazers! I wear a blazer we bought together almost every day. I love the sleek look a jacket provides.

I would recommend Catherine to someone looking for a stylist because she meets you where you are in terms of comfort level with throwing things out, and trying new styles.

Mary Kate

I absolutely loved Catherine’s tutorial!  It was so detailed and easy-to-follow.  She really made me feel confident that I can step up my accessory game!  I love Catherine’s energy and she always goes over and beyond with all her products and services.  I’m looking forward to the next tutorial!  Thanks Catherine!

Tikoshia Davis