Is having confidence a BIG DEAL?.………..You know how Facebook reminds you of what you were doing the same Want to get someday years ago? Well, today’s memory took me back to 2011, to a photo my sister took after we recorded some videos for YouTube. I was still learning and I was SO SO bad. Stiff as a cardboard and very very scripted.

I would love to say that I learned quickly…… but I did not. The learning curve was high and the progress slow but it NEVER occurred to me to quit. It was never an option.

Live streaming was not even a thing then, but I was determined to learn this on camera business thing. My ultimate goal was to be on T.V. and I was not going to wait till that day came to be good or to learn.

Now live-streaming IS the norm, with platforms like #Periscope #FacebookLive which often are now sources of immediate news and information.

So yes, the first years were painful, frustrating and discouraging but still I knew that EVENTUALLY, I would get better. And I did. In fact, now I love love to be on camera. I have recorded more than a 1000 videos and create content on the fly with ease and joy.

That my friends are some of the awesome things that come with confidence, the sweet feeling that runs through your long skinny legs and all the way up to your tight curls – once the source of ridicule and now a never ending fountain of compliments and All Kinds of Finness.

  #Confidence is that thing that encourages you to be you when others are screaming: “Be like us” #InsideOutConfidence

Confidence is that thing that pushes you to take the path less travel yet more rewarding towards entrepreneurship.

Confidence is that thing that tells you YES, YOU CAN get on stage to speak.

YES, you can teach others how you found your authentic self.

YES, you can totally pull off bright hair colors at FORTY.

YES wearing 20+ chunky bracelets at a time IS A THING. MY THING!!!

YES, you can write books in what once was a foreign language and now has become the language of your soul.

YES, you can have a faith-based business and still get invited “to the table” and speaking opportunities.

YES, you can tell the world you are a missionary in business who is purposely sharing with others that Jesus is Lord.

So yeah confidence is a big deal. Wanna get some? You Bet I DO!!!!